Captivate your audience in 10 words


Being able to explain to people what you do is such a powerful tool. But even more potent is being able to explain it succinctly.

What 10 words do you use?

Do you find yourself explaining what you do and end up over complicating it?

You may have clients that already know you and what you offer inside out and are thrilled by what you bring to their business. But what about new people, how easy are you finding telling them?

Despite being my own boss for nearly 20 years I have only had a website in the last 4 years. Before then I never needed one. Everything I did was based around word of mouth. I was in and out of client offices, moving from department to department, picking up work on the fly. My reputation went ahead of me and I was the familiar face. It was easy to build trust with my clients, creating a seamless flow of connection and communication.

Communication today is different. The familiar touch points we have with clients has changed.

You now need to help them decide if you are the right fit for them often before they have met you. And sometimes you may never meet. Attracting your ideal client, saves you both precious time.

Why you need a 10 word top line.

10 words that succinctly shares what you do and for who.

When I worked on my 10 words, I found it really hard. You may have read about how I found it so challenging, that I nearly sold a ticket to a live event. (read here)

I recognised I was offering a lot to my clients, far more than 10 words could ever convey or so I thought. I also knew they needed instant clarity on what I could offer them. So how do you do it? How do you choose 10 words that helps those you met understand what you do.

Offering instant clarity

It is actually formed upon the solid base of the 5 Ws ( who, what, why, where and when).

There is a whole library of resources about the 5W’s.  But for now the 10 word top line concentrates on 2  ‘who and what’.

Who do you work with and what do you do?

Before I attended SPR live, all attendees were invited to a private Facebook group where we could begin to connect and share our 10 word top line.


"I help small business owners create memorable brands". Raphaelle Cox

"I help small & ethical business owners with online marketing". Michelle Purse-Sweeney

"I photograph unique weddings and creative entrepreneurs to help their personality and products shine". Charlie Flounders

"I coach women who want to achieve amazing careers alongside motherhood". Rebecca Morley

"Contemporary bespoke tailoring. Helping women look their best for business". Dara Ford

"I help female entrepreneurs to stand out in their niche". Helen Packham

"I help women find perfect fitting lingerie and swimwear". Sarah Connelly

"Giving clarity & confidence to women promoting their business on social media" Debbie Dooodah

" I create personalised luxury jewellery to celebrate life's special moments" Susie Jones

Make a start

Start by stating who you work with and what do you do.

Jot it down

You will probably bust the 10 word threshold at first, the desire to use one or two many adjectives is so tempting, so just jot it all down. Write, type or speak it out.

Read it back

Then read it back to yourself, does it sound like you, do you feel you own the statement?

If not, why, what’s missing?

In my first attempts I had design and creativity in my selection, which is what I do but it felt slightly too restrictive. So adding branding and brands felt more inclusive. Ask yourself can I simply two words into one?

Keep playing and experimenting and then share with me. It really helps to test it out on a small number of people.

Who do you work with and how?

If you would like my opinion then pop it in the comments and tell me what part you are finding most challenging. I know I will have been there too.