Free instant energy boost

Could you do with more energy?

What if you could just let your tiredness drain away & be replaced with vitality. 

Does that sound appealing? 

Gravity is always pulling, gravity is always holding you.  See it like a sponge, see gravity absorbing the tension and tiredness right out of your body. Right now.

This quote from Breath: the Essence of Yoga. A Guide to Inner Stillness by Sandra Sabatini.

If we offer our tiredness down towards the Earth, then the very nature of us presenting matter downwards has a natural effect of yielding back upwards.

Vitality can yield back upwards towards you. You offer tiredness downwards and vitality is returned straight back to you.

If you notice you are becoming tired, just let it go.

Donna Farhi suggests the principle of Yielding to the Earth.

Any surface of the body that makes contact with the ground must yield to the earth. Actively yielding to the earth creates a rebounding force away from the earth, elongating the body upward into space”. Consider this, when you drop a tennis ball onto a hard surface the level of downward force in turn propels back up through the ball causing it to elevate. There is a natural order to this flow. Donna Farhi

There is a continuous opportunity in any given moment to offer your tiredness down ward. In return, it is converted back upwards to you in the gift of vitality.

So why not utilise this free energy boost.

If you feel the day is weighing you down. Your energy levels have dipped, take the opportunity to have a Mini Super Charged Exchange.

You can do it sitting, standing or even lying down.

You just need some part of you in contact with the ground. It could be the floor, the office carpet, lush green grass.

Don't get too caught up with the where, it is the how that really matters.

Gravity is not selective where it chooses to be available.

  • Just for a moment breathe the heaviness out of the body through a long exhalation mouth open if you can, making a sigh.
  • Allow gravity to absorb the tension as it releases from you.  
  • Release into the fullness of your exhalation with all that weighs you down, holds you back and fatigues you.
  • As you inhale, feel the rebound action rising upwards, bringing a fresh sense of vitality.
  • The inhalation is light, effortless, vibrant, refreshing and stimulating. It has a quality of cleansing.
  • Continue with this intention for a few moments.

Exhale density, stagnation, inertia and inhale lightness.

You will notice an immediate shift.

It begins with the intention. Commit to this practice even if only for a couple of minutes.

It is your super charged power boost.

It is free, constantly available and  & of course the longer you are within the practice, the more benefit you will experience.

Try it & see.

Let me know how you get on.

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