Should I meditate with my eyes open or closed?

For me, it all began with eyes closed.

It was the only way I could shut the world out which is what I thought we were supposed to be doing. Almost like closing a door.

Don’t disturb me I’m concentrating.

But for many I know eyes closed is more ‘fear inducing’ so they prefer eyes open.

I then found that having my eyes closed helped me to be less distracted by my surroundings. The trouble was I then began to rely on having my eyes closed, I felt it was the only way I could do it and it had become a habit.

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  • What can I use to help me to meditate?

    Meditation needs to feel as accessible and as easy as possible. So any aids or prompts need to be easy to do or remember. Mudras are my aid of choice. What is a Mudra? A mudra is a hand gesture. The hands can tell me so much about the present moment the eternal now, much

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  • Why smiling is great for your health

    The journey through life is so much lighter for us all, when we exchange supportive & nourishing good intentions together. We live in a world of abundance where everything is available. Desires are often our drivers, heightened through the constant pull towards material things. We can so easily be striving for more, to gain more,

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    Perhaps for health reasons you need to stear away from processed snacks and embrace sweetness of a different kind. I have tried to live a ‘sugar free’ way of life in the past for my personal health reasons, living with endometriosis and IBS, all play havoc with your choice of food groups. But it is

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  • How to keep your energy high at all day events.

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