IMAGE: courtesy Marta Reis


When you run your own business, it is so important to manage your energy levels. It is all too easy to be on GO the whole time, when really you need a good round mix of push and pull throughout the month.

The best tonic to sustain my energy levels is drinking a smoothie each day.

It is easy to prepare, easy to drink and can be packed full of lots of energy boosting properties that will maintain your health and vitality.

One smoothie or juice a day is a great way to up your intake of greens too. Often less palatable on their own.

A power packed green Smoothie

Detailed below is an idea for a smoothie that has a great balance of greens and fruit.

Be sure to keep your smoothies and juices varied and always aim for more greens than fruit.

Serves 1:

A handful of kale

1 banana (if you do not like bananas use an avocado instead)

1/4 cucumber, roughly chopped

A handful of fruit, berries are good at this time of year

100ml of a plant based milk.


  • Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Drink slowly and mindfully through a straw, it will aid digestion this way and protect your teeth.

Image: Courtesy of Marta Reis