High energy for live events 5 top tips


Live events can be really stimulating environments, with lots of new people to meet and a constant stream of ideas, tips and solutions all being offered up at every opportunity. The breaks are never quite 'breaks' either.

So for me I make it a priority to keep my energy levels high.

There can be a pressing desire to make the most of every moment. To catch up with attendees, sharing the ‘a-ha moments’ together and before you know it the event schedule is getting back on track and so must you.

Making the most of the event.

It is only right you want to make the most of a live event, so planning a few simple tricks to keep your energy high is paramount for enjoying the event.

Often if you are anything like me you are drawn to people and their vibe. I have been labelled a sensitive all my life and as much as it made me feel different and slightly isolated in the beginning, I embrace my ability to sense my way through situations now.

But when all your senses are heightened in a busy room it can be overwhelming. So having a few self care tips is really helpful.

Firstly you need to recognise, you won’t meet up with everyone on the day or take in every last sound bite of information. But you can trust who you do meet and what you do take away is right for you at this moment.

Often the event host will arrange a guest list in advance so you can look up the speakers and attendees individually, seeking out those common connections. It is a great ice breaker too if you can ask them about their recent topic of interest, or latest blog post.

5 tips to staying energised throughout the whole event.

Top Tip No. 1

Be selective and trust

Look out for specific attendees you have connected with prior to the event, whilst also staying open to spontaneity.

The ‘in the moment’ interactions with those people who suddenly appear in front of you or you are standing in line with as you get a drink, trust in those interactions too.

Top Tip No. 2

Take breaks

Remember those breaks that might not be breaks. Make it your intention that you will have a  break. Even if just for a few minutes. Often there is no time to step outside, but there will be time to use the toilet.

In the cubicle I just take a few moments to just breathe. I am a big fan of aromatherapy oils and a lot of companies provide handy mist sprays and pulse point blends that you can spray above your head and breath in or apply directly to your wrist and temples and again breath the scent in. They often have handy travel size ones too.

Top Tip No. 3

Make notes 

Making notes reduces the mental overload. During the speaker sessions, and after you have connected with attendees. This helps with the processing of content after the event and allows you to follow up too. Try to take their business card and make a note of a memorable feature in their appearance e.g. yellow scarf, bright shoes. I have my face on my business cards, it is hard to remember so many faces, so having a prompt on your business card is a helpful reminder.

I really like to re connect outside of the event to keep the relationship developing, there is always that sense of community and support if you keep the connections active, you never know how you may be able to help each other in the future.

Top Tip No. 4

Keep hydrated 

It is so easy to drink what is on offer, which will most likely be tea & coffee and as much as a little caffeine can boost your state of alertness, too much can leave you depleted. So take a bottle of water with you and keep sipping it regularly throughout the day.

Top Tip No. 5

Move your body

Sitting in a chair for long periods of time can cause stiff joints and achey muscles so keep moving your body. You don't need to jump up and do a complete work out. But some ankle rotations or wrist flexions, or several short fast finger flicks as you sit, all help to reenergise the stagnation that can begin to build as you sit for prolonged periods of time.

I'm off to SPRLive 2017 tomorrow and I will be putting into practice all the above (obvs.). You can follow along with the days event searching for the hashtag #SPRLive2017