Learn why reselling my event ticket was not my only option.

Photo by Floor12 on Unsplash
Photo by Floor12 on Unsplash


I knew that going to a live business event would be good for my business, especially Soulful PR Live, but I still wanted to sell my ticket.

I knew the room would be full of people I didn't really know. I knew there would be 8 journalists there, who's dialogue could be direct, focused, succinct and on point. I reassured myself that everyone will probably feel slightly nervy too but the ticket resale began to be a really appealing option.

Why did I want to sell my ticket?

Earlier this year I signed up for SPR LIVE 2017. I will be honest the early bird offer attracted me initially and within 24hrs the e-mail confirmation confirmed my ticket was booked.

SPR LIVE 2017 is an annual event organised by Janet Murray, she brings together 8 journalists in a room full of her hugely engaging community of soulful business owners called SoulfulPR.

With her many years experience as a freelance writer and journalist, knowing everything there is to know about deadlines and stripping back your story to an arrestingly dynamic headline, there was a lot to be gained from the event.

She was also offering a series of live calls and some exercises beforehand to help us prepare, I was in great hands. So why was I thinking of reselling my ticket?

Defining my top line

The first exercise was to define your 10 word top line.

A top line is what you would say if you were in an elevator and you only had 10 seconds to share with someone what you do.

Concise, succinct and to the point.

Being creative and romantic, I love setting the scene, my tone is often welcoming and I will use 4 words when 1 would do. So you can imagine only having 10 words to work with was a challenge.

It was making me feel really accountable to my top line, squeezing what I do and for whom into 10 words. It felt restrictive but I could really see the merits in using such a clear and punchy statement.

After trying many attempts and pulling my 10 words together in all manner of combinations and with the second live call fast approaching, I had totally talked myself out of going to the event. I mean completely. I was sure.

It already felt too fast paced and slick and that was just in the prep stages. Surely I would be way over my head at the live event.

Talking myself out of going.

There was a growing 'waiting list' for the event tickets and many business owners were keen to attend, so I convinced myself that they needed my ticket more than me.

I sent an e-mail offering my ticket up for sale. Jo, Janet's VA immediately got straight back to me recognising that I was having a ‘wobble’. She instantly offered a 10 minute reassuring call with Janet, which I did accept, Jo had seen this senario playing out before.

Thinking it through

I listened to Janet's compassionate advice, I thought it through for 4 hours, and did a complete U turn. I kept hold of my ticket and re-read tons of Janet's blog posts as to why now was the right time to attend a live event.

Even though I have very few of my blog posts actually published and my half written ebook and courses all still maturing nicely in my archives.

She persuaded me that often ideas and articles, trends and stories are planned 6/12 months in advance. So the present moment was the one to start building relationships in.

It is after all about building relationships.

So with my newly curated 10 word top line and fully owning it.

I help small business owners create memorable brands.

I was fully aware that I will never feel completely prepared, or ready but its official, I am attending and my ticket is no longer for sale.

So on the 13th July 2017

  • I will be meeting journalists, something I have never done before.
  • I will be meeting a new community I have only ever met online and
  • I will be making copious notes all day long which I will share with you later.

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Do you go to live events?

Share with me what you think about live events and which ones you are thinking about attending?

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