Are your images aligning with your brand? Raphaelle Cox


Often words on a page or screen are a slower digest, so finding a way to promote your brand that is more intimate and immediate is paramount to building trust.

Our world is surrounded by film & images, continuosly capturing and bringing stories to life. We are very used to absorbing information through the medium of photography and moving images, they are a powerful method of communication.

Building your brand values.

When clients see you sharing your thoughts and ideas, it brings you closer. If the spoken word through audio or video is not a natural step for you and your brand right now, place more of your attention into the photographs and images you use. They really help convey your values, products and services to your clients.

Your top 9

Social media channels like Instagram are thriving on their curated, edited feeds. Powerful messages and images are shared daily, with the focus being on your top 9 images. The latest 9 images on your Instagram feed are the ones that will get seen most in any given day. You always control the level of content you share whilst simultaneously conveying your brand values.

What are the three main words that best describe your brand?

  • Do you have 3 words, use a thesaurus to help you capture the essence of your brands unique qualities. Take some time to think it through.
  • Is the message you intend to give to your clients consistent across all your marketing platforms?
  • Is it reflected in the images you are currently using?

Here are four alternatives when sourcing images.

A small selection of image resources

1) Paid for

Creative market



2) Free



Death to the stock photo

These free resources can at times be over populated on social media, lessening the impact of your brand. But they do act as a great resource to help you out from time to time. Be sure to credit the artist where you can.

3) Taking your own

Most phones have great spec cameras built into them and digital cameras are so accessible. So consider building up a bank of your own image resources as you are out and about. Keep your three brand words in mind when considering your shots.

4) Briefing a designer

When working with a designer, always have your brand values in mind, share with your designer your three key words that encapsulate your business.

Ensure your designer also knows your core brand colours usually between 3 and 5. Not sure of your brand colours start here.

If you would like help working out your brand values and styling, then do get in touch. I would be happy to help your unravel your visual expression on line.