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Do you know what Ayurveda means?

When I ask people have they heard of Ayurveda the common response has been.

“ Do they make hair products?”

“I think I have heard of the word but I am not sure where”.

Before I studied Ayurveda and became a Consultant, I too had not heard of the word but it somehow felt familiar.

So what does it actually mean?

Ayurveda is translated as Ayur (Life) and Veda to (study). It is the study of Life itself.

It is the ancient Indian holistic medical system which has been practiced for 5000 years. It is seen as a science, as the science of life but because of its deep spiritual nature it makes it a very unique approach.

It is the eternal study into life, supporting & maintaining those already in good health while also balancing & restoring those who are currently not well. So in essence it truly guides & supports you.

Before I go into too much detail, I think if I share with you how it helps me and my life it may become more relatable.

Back in 2011 it came to light that I had Endometriosis and Polycystic ovaries. There had been pain in my body for quite some time, you know that fine line where you begin to think that the pain is normal. You begin to forget what not having pain feels like.

But pain in the body in any form is a sign. For me it had reached a point where it was unbearable and after talking to many specialists who guided me towards food elimination diets and medication, I thought there must be another way.

I have never sat very comfortable with taking prescribed medication although Ayurveda accepts everything and rejects nothing. Sanatana Dharma which means accepting everything in its appropriate time and place and not rejecting anything.

But for me I just preferred not taking medication. When Ayurveda came into my life it showed me there is another way.

Ayurveda traces back to the root cause of any symptoms whilst supporting you in making good choices.

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What serves one person well may not serve another. To know yourself, your body and your mind are all indicators to building and maintaining long term health on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Charaka Samhita: an early Ayurvedic text from around 100BCE states ‘It is called Ayurveda because it tells us which substances, qualities & actions are life enhancing & which are not’

What is your current body type? Find out here.

To find out a little more about your basic body type take this simple test, answer the questions based on how you feel today. It will give you an indication in to what is your dominant dosha. It will either be Vata, Pitta, Kapha, a combination of two or all three.



So what of my pain these days, well it is self managed. I embrace the teachings of Ayurveda, I commit to daily rituals that serve me well and I am unwinding my old habit patterns and embracing new ways to approach life. 

So how can I help you?

  • The best way to begin is to give yourself the space to start listening to what you need.
  • Take the test above to establish which dosha/s is most dominant.
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